A lil' PHP class for assisting with secret santas. It helps avoid a situation where one person is aware of who every is paired with, or circumvents the need to 'pull names from a hat' if organizing such a thing is impractical or a pain in the ass to setup.


  1. Download the source (github)
  2. Upload to your server.
  3. Visit the script in your browser (eg. http://domain.com/secretsantabot/)
  4. Fill out the form
    • Click on "demo it" to see how the script might pair people up. It will not send any emails out.
    • Click on "send email" to send an email to each specified person. You will not know how they are paired up.
  5. Alternatively, you can scipt all the of the frontend. Check out manual.php for an example of that.
  6. Sit and wait for your next opportunity to use this script.


  • Web server, email (if you want the script to email)
  • PHP 5+

This is a self-hosted solution. This site was not created for you to send out your own secret santa's. It has the potential to get way too spammy, sorry!

Try it Out

At the very least you require three people with unique names for a Secret Santa to work.

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